21 Anonymous Instagram (Stories & Videos) Download Tools

We have compiled this ultimate list of 21 free download tools for anonymous download of Instagram stories and videos.

We are not endorsing any specific service, so be sure to do your own research and due diligence before using any free Instagram stories download website and anonymous instagram videos download tool at your own risk.

Be sure the website is all above board and using the official Instagram API and abiding by the platform’s terms etc. It is important that they are not just scraping the content onto their own site and simply provide users a way to backup their own public profile content using the approved API process.

It is also a really good idea to *connect to a trusted VPN service before accessing Instagram download tools….

A VPN ensures you can remain anonymous, have a secure connection, and automatically scan file downloads for viruses and malware. There is also the added ad-blocking feature benefit.

imginnhttps://imginn.com and https://imginn.org and https://imginn.net
picuki – https://www.picuki.com/
instadp – https://instadp.io/
storiesig – https://storiesig.net/ and https://storiesig.app/
Dumpor – https://dumpor.com/
smihub – https://storiesig.app/smihub/
gramho & gramhir – https://gramhir.com/
StoriesDown – https://storiesdown.com/
snapinsta – https://snapinsta.app/ and https://snapinsta.io/en/instagram-downloader
DownloadGram – https://downloadgram.org/
webstagram – https://webstagram.org/
Glassagram (glassgram) – https://glassagram.com/
saveinsta – https://www.save-insta.com/
saveig – https://saveig.app
websta – https://webstagram.org/
qoob stories – https://www.qoob.co/
Savefrom IG – https://gb.savefrom.net/
storydownloader – https://storydownloader.app/
biblogram – https://bibliogram.art/
Bonus (actually for TikTok): Snaptik – https://snaptik.app/

If you have been researching imginn alternatives, or picuki alternatives or the different download sites that exist such as instadp, dumpor, smihub, stories down etc…then this extensive list should be a useful resource.

Some people are also looking for storiesig alternatives and want to find similar services.

And for good measure we added Snaptik on there which is a free anonymous tiktok video download tool.

NEXT-STEP: Go Here to Connect To A Trusted VPN Provider For Secure & Anonymous Access to Download Tools