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How to boost your conversions by adding this simple survey to your funnel

Many businesses are using an online sales funnel where a prospects enters their email address on a landing page in...

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The Most Straight Forward Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is becoming one of the hottest topic in nutrition and diet space lately. Intermittent fasting helps with weight...

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How to easily measure your content marketing’s ROI?

The truth is that most marketers and business owners have zero clue on how to measure content marketing’s ROI. We don’t blame you and...

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How blockchain is changing the future of healthcare

Right now the healthcare system isn’t as efficient as it could be. Healthcare suffers from inefficient operations, but blockchain and shared ledger technologies can...

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What Happens When You Open to New Experiences In Life?

New research investigates the effects of engaging in behaviors associated with openness to new experiences.

Since a large part of my research program is investigating...

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Everything Nurses and CNAs Need to Know about Working at a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

As a big part of the population continues to age, job opportunities at skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) continue to rise. According to the US...

The New Blockchain Payment Gateway Ecosystem – Any Crypto, Any Device, Any Time

While banking regulators try to watch over Bitcoin and the wild ICO marketplace, payment gateways are steadily adopting blockchain technologies. This trend...

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Chinese New Year is awesome, but it could also be a pain for e-commerce entrepreneurs

The Chinese New Year is unlike any other celebration in the world. For starters, the entire country celebrates it in unity and it spans...

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