Case Study: Using Drip Course To Increase SaaS Lead Conversions

54 sec read

We were approached by a SaaS company that offers a suite of web and app analytic solutions for software companies. You can think of them as a Google Analytics alternative.

The company is already performing decently with its blog and SEO efforts. They have been able to acquire ongoing organic traffic through their blogging and content marketing efforts.

The company wanted us to help them open up more doors to acquire more sign ups and after doing research into all their content assets and content, we recommended that we help them create a 7 day email drip course that would include:

  • A series of emails with a new lesson everyday for 7 days
  • In-depth educational nurturing materials within each email
  • Content from blog that perform well
  • Personalized email with an educational approach
  • A sweet offer at the end of the last email

We also helped the company put together the copy for the landing page to the course and handled the marketing promotion aspect of it to get subscribers into the course.

After making the course live, we monitored the analytics and conversions closely.

6 months since the launch of the course, we saw a conversion rate of 38% from all sign ups to the email course.

We continued to work with the same company on multiple content marketing campaigns and still continue to work with them to improve their overall content marketing efforts, revamp, and ongoing blog content.

If you are looking to build out your overall content marketing strategy with a custom done for you plan. Feel free to contact us anytime.