CyberGhost VPN Reddit Reviews (Important Reading)

CyberGhost VPN Reddit reviews are a great way to research this Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider before deciding whether to give it a go or not.

To save readers the time from trawling through Cyber Ghost VPN Reddit posts, we have done our research and will present our findings in this post here.

The main CyberGhost VPN Reddit thread is a nice, detailed review post made by one user.

They do a good job of explaining the main features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that people should be aware of.

The post has been made by a user called Lasson01:

I got my hands on CyberGhost a week ago. Not paying for the subscription, trying out a friend’s. I had only tried two other VPNs before and was pretty excited to check this one out for my own comparison. Went into it with no prior expectations. Here’s my short first impression review.

Source: Reddit

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And here are the CyberGhost advantages and disadvantages highlighted by the Reddit user, who does a good job explaining why someone may want to use a VPN such as for tools like imginn or with other downloading websites:

Bonus points:

  • They’re based in Romania which is out of the 5, 9 and 14 eyes jurisdiction.
  • Ad blocker works for blocking pop-ups (on torrent sites for example).
  • Split-tunneling.
  • P2P servers.

Minus points:

  • Their last no logs policy audit was in 2012 from what I’ve read, so can’t count on it anymore.
  • Missing L2TP protocol.

Another Reddit Cyber Ghost VPN review was posted on the platform, this time by a user with less positive things to say. They posted a negative CyberGhost VPN review on Reddit, largely due to what they believed was a lack of customer support after purchase.

“After being struggling with CyberGhost support since october, today I’ve finally got my refund. Be aware of my nightmare and don’t trust these guys, nobody has to be treated like this.”

Source: here

This thread was actually replied to by a user claiming to be the CyberGhost CEO:

“Hey, I am CyberGhost’s CEO and I had a look on the whole story. From my point of view it looks like this: We have millions of satisfied customer and we have you. Our team really tried to help you, but sometimes you cant help people, cause they don’t wanna be helped. You started to insult the people in my team from the very first beginning and you wonder why this didn’t turn out well for you. Maybe you find the answer for yourself.”

This is a positive sign that the CEO of the company is active on social media and willing to engage with users, even though it was a negative experience in that specific case.

Overall, there does appear to be quite a few positive reviews of CyberGhost VPN on Reddit, with examples of a few positive comments in this Reddit Cyber Ghost VPN Thread.

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