Imginn – Need To Know Before Using

Imginn is a free online tool that lets you download Instagram stories, highlights, photos, and videos

You can also use Imginn to organize these downloads for further reference.

The tool makes use of the publicly available API provided by Instagram, so they are not doing anything shady or gaining illegitimate access to the Instagram data.

However, when using imginn or any similar tools it is always best to be on the safe side for security and privacy reasons and use a VPN when accessing the tool.

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Can Imginn download other people’s Instagram content?

Many people wonder if this tool is for use with just your own Instagram content or if can you use it for other people’s profiles?

You can use Imginn for yourself or other people’s content. As long as it is a public profile. It will not work on private profiles.

Is Imginn Anonymous?

According to the websites running the free Imginn downloader tool, it does allow for anonymous viewing and downloading.

But it is always a good idea to be on the safe side and access imginn safe tools via a VPN first.

There is not much information on whom created this software on the website. Just the tool and some ads.

Imginn Features

  • See and download your own Instagram stories, videos, highlights and videos
    • And do the same for public profiles of other people
  • Backup Instagram content
  • Organize the downloads
  • Supposedly anonymous viewing of Instagram stories
  • Free tool

Imginn Cost

Imginn is free.

It appears that the creators of the software monetize the website with ads.

Before You Use Imginn

The first precaution before using free tools is to protect the security and health of your computer/internet connection, and to ensure your anonymity by first activating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) before your use it.

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