Investing Newsletter Case Study: Growing a private community of investors with a personalized email newsletter

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There are many ways that you can use an email newsletter to grow your audience and customer base. We mentioned the different types of newsletters you can send to your audience in one of our blog posts.

In this scenario we were approached by a founder of a private investing community. The founder ran a private community for investors with a niche focus on investing in alternative investments such as wine and passive income websites.

It is a paid community and the way they were growing was through word of mouth.

After a few calls and some brainstorming session, we decided to help them build out a personalized hybrid newsletter for investors that would cover everything from alternative investing guides to industry investing news and investing recommendations.

This would allow them to create an engaging newsletter to build up their following without the need of having in-house content or guides ahead of time.

After working with this company for 7 months, we were able to grow their email list from 0 – 52,000+ subscribers.

To accomplish this we agreed to do the following:

  • 2 newsletter edition per week
  • Personalized approach to a hybrid newsletter
  • Organic promotion of every edition to investing communities and groups
  • Social engagement via social media channels
  • Started to create in-house investing guides + content to include in the newsletter

In the recent months we also helped them implement a referral program for current customers to refer new members to the community within the newsletter.

Now, the company is averaging 20-25 daily paid sign ups directly to the private community due to the newsletter and organic SEO traffic kicking in from the content written.

If you are looking for a way to nurture and attract more customers through a personalized email newsletter like this company did, reach out to us and we’ll take good care of you!