SAD LED Light Colors – Picking The Best 1?

There is a fair bit of choice about SAD LED Light Colors. It can be confusing. So in this post we run through the best choices for LED light colors for when you’re sad.

SAD LED Light Colors

Here are the most popular, best LED light colors for SAD and the properties of each.


Green LED light color for SAD is a popular choice because of its supposed healing properties. It is often used in hospitals for this reason.

In addition to the potential to improve sickness, green light is also believed to improve concentration and reading ability, making it a good choice for study, homework/revision type activities.


Blue light is believed to help reduce symptoms of depression and to contribute to getting a better nights sleep.

Some people use the blue SAD LED light color in their bedroom for a short period of around 30 minutes either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.


Yellow is a warm color for SAD lights and lights on this spectrum cause positive associations with things like the Spring season, flowers, sunlight etc. These warm colors are popular for use during darker winter seasons when people are feeling a bit low.

Some people even believe the yellow SAD LED light color has properties that allow it to help with digestion and stomach ache issues.


Purple SAD lamp colors are a mixture of red and blue, both of which are believed to help manage to body’s circadian rhythm. Purple is thought to help reduce mental stress and anxiety and to help with sleep.

Bright White

Bright white LED SAD light colors are sometimes used to try and help raise serotonin levels in order to try and reduce the impact of SAD. Therefore SAD therapy light LED colors tend to be both bright and white for this purpose.

Hopefully this post has given you an informative introduction to the best SAD LED light colors for when you’re sad.

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