The Top Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

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One of the most common questions we receive as a content marketing company is what are the top benefits of hiring a marketing agency? Why use one when you can hire in-house? There are a lot of benefits behind hiring a marketing agency that we will be breaking down for you in this post. If you are looking to outsource your marketing, then this post is for you.

Why You Need To Hire A Marketing Agency

An uptick in sales, greater visibility for your business, and an ongoing supply of leads are some of the benefits of hiring a marketing agency. Whether you run a small, one-person operation, or a big organization, you will need to market your products and services to attract a steady or growing stream of customers.

Good marketing involves the application of talent, skill, focus, and strategy to achieve business goals. Plus, everything has to be done at the right place and at the right time. There are no happy accidents and luck in marketing. So don’t think you can skip marketing or get by with anemic efforts or lackluster campaigns.

You have to allocate resources to market your business. You can create and execute a marketing plan all by yourself. You can have an in-house employee or a dedicated marketing department carry out marketing duties. You can outsource some or all of the marketing functions by hiring a marketing agency.

Regardless of the route you choose, you will have to budget time and money to design and implement any marketing plan. The marketing cost is a significant cost of running almost any business.

Bad marketing plans can cost just as much or even more than good, effective ones. Hiring a marketing agency minimizes the risk of wasting resources on ineffective marketing activities.

Do you think you have the time and expertise to carry out all the marketing needs of your business by yourself? Is the one employee you are entrusting with marketing responsibilities capable of delivering results?

Can you afford to hire an in-house marketing team? Are you or your in-house marketing team keeping up with the tools, trends and techniques that are being used across the industry?

Much of marketing in this day and age is digital marketing. You need talent that is both skilled and current with most aspects of digital marketing. Hiring a marketing agency will avail you to the best combination of skill and talent in the marketing industry. Usually most marketing agencies can help businesses big and small.

However, there are marketing agencies that focus on particular industries, company size, location, etc. They are known as niche-marketing agencies. See if you can find a nice-marketing agency that focuses on your industry or type of business.

Providing good products and services to your customers at competitive prices is not enough to sustain a business. Effective marketing plans help potential customers to find and select you from a sea of competitors.You need a robust marketing plan to to attract new customers. Good marketing also keeps current customers returning to you. A marketing agency can help you with all these needs at cost effective prices.

The specific benefits of hiring a marketing agency are outlined below:

1) Specialized Skills

There are so many aspects of marketing. No one individual can be an expert in all aspects of marketing. For example, someone who specializes in market research might not have the skill set of a social media manager. Someone who specializes in content creation may not competent in search engine optimization. It is difficult for one person to research, strategize, create and market to the target audience.

You probably do not have the time and skillset to carry out all these and the many other marketing tasks by yourself. You might need to tap into some or all of these marketing specialties to make sure you are on the right track in pursuit of a healthy marketing plan, strategy or campaign. A marketing agency can provide you with marketing experts who specialized in the many aspects of marketing.

2) Full-Service Marketing Under One Roof

You might be good at marketing. You might even have a stellar in-house marketing department. However, does your in-house talent have the depth and the breadth of skills to perform all necessary marketing functions? Employees can quit. You might not be able to fill roles in time to help you with actualizing marketing plans. You can avoid these issues with talent gaps within your organization by hiring a marketing agency outright.

Marketing agencies can provide you with every type of assistance that you can possibly need for marketing needs. They will take care of every aspect of marketing from planning to execution. Marketing agencies can offer full-service marketing under one roof because they have a full array of marketing specialists working for them. These specialists can coordinate with each other to create and implement stellar marketing plans and campaigns for their clients.

3) Access To Up-To-Date Technology

One of the challenges of performing all marketing functions in-house is the lack of the most current and relevant tools and technology. Marketing agencies are equipped with the most cutting-edge tools and technology to help create effective marketing plans and campaigns.

Not only do they have the best tools for the job, but they also have employees who know how to use these tools. Investing in tools and technology is a heavy expenditure for any business. Plus, training your employees to learn how to use these tools is another expense. Hiring a marketing agency means that you can have access to the best technology without heavy capital expenditures.

4) Customized Services

One of the top benefits of hiring a marketing agency is that they can customize their services for you. Marketing agencies realize that there is no one size fits all marketing strategy. Therefore, they will provide you with exactly what you need. For example, they can work with your in-house marketing team to provide complementary services.

That is, they can step in to fill in any in-house marketing gaps. Or maybe you are going to be adding a service that you never needed or used before. For example, you need help with search engine optimization and scaling your marketing strategies.

5) Fresh An Unbiased Perspective

You or your in-house marketing team might be used to working with certain ideas and concepts when it comes to planning or strategizing. Or you might be executing marketing plans in the same way for as long as you can remember. A benefit of hiring a marketing agency is that they can review your tactics and ideas with a fresh set of eyes.

They can zero in on what is and what is not working with your marketing plans. They can use their research and technology to determine how effective your marketing strategies are compared to that of your competitors.

Maybe you need to tweak your marketing plan to improve company visibility or sales. Maybe you to overhaul your entire marketing plan or campaign to break out of stagnancy with respect to sales or viable leads. Therefore, a marketing agency can help you to break out of a rut.

6) Cost Savings

The top benefit of hiring a marketing agency is the costs savings you will realize from using their services. If you are a one-person organization doing everything yourself, you will be overwhelmed with time-consuming marketing-related tasks. Planning and executing a marketing strategy requires skill and time.

Hiring a marketing agency will free you up to focus on operating your business. Paying for marketing fees is less expensive than losing out on sales. The opportunity cost of performing marketing tasks over making sales in real-time is just too high for a solo entrepreneur.

If you have an in-house marketing team, they may or may not produce the results you are looking for. You may not have up-to-date skills, training, and technology to churn out effective marketing campaigns.

They will cost you a lot of money whether they are effective or not. Or you might have to pay for additional marketing services in addition to the cost of your in-house team. You can avoid the financial burden of a costly marketing department by not hiring in-house marketing employees in the first place. Outsource every aspect of marketing to a marketing agency. A marketing agency will usually give you a discount for bundling their services. Not only will they cost less than hiring an in-house team, but you will also get discounts on their services.

Maybe you have an efficient in-house marketing team but need seasonal or temporary help. Again, it will be more cost-effective to use the services of a marketing agency than hiring temporary or part-time employees.

An added benefit of hiring a marketing agency is that you do not have to invest in expensive software programs or technology. You also save money on any training costs associated with using these programs and technologies. This is a huge cost saving for any business.

7) Measurable Results

Marketing agencies can measure the results of marketing campaigns by analyzing data about every possible criterion. They use these results to improve or fine-tune their marketing strategies for future use.

They can help you figure out when and where to spend your marketing dollars to increase your bottom line. In most likelihood, you or your marketing team do not have access to the same advanced data analysis tools that marketing agencies have. Therefore, it is difficult to measure the return on investment (ROI) in-house.

8) Wider Reach

The targeted campaigns designed and executed by marketing agencies usually reach a wider range of potential customers than in-house marketing campaigns. Marketing companies are able to cast wider nets to attract customers and find leads because they leverage the power of their skilled personnel and technologies.

9) Scalable Strategies

Your marketing needs will change with time and season. Your marketing needs will also change when your business is experiencing growth or a pullback. You or your marketing team may or may not be sure about how to scale your marketing methods up or down. A marketing agency has the exact skillset to navigate you through such changes.

10) Time Savings

The earlier you employ a marketing agency, the quicker you will be able to attract more customers. Marketing agencies take less time to create and implement campaigns when compared to in-house marketing operations.

They also recognize when and how to improve their marketing campaigns faster than in-house operations. You or your team cannot match their ability to act quickly and efficiently from planning to execution.

11) Responsiveness

Marketing agencies do not wait for drastic changes or stagnation in sales to realign their marketing strategies with your marketing goals. They monitor and analyze their marketing plans on an ongoing basis to meet your needs. They also accommodate your requests promptly when trying to fine-tune their marketing strategies.

12) Staying Current

You or your in-house team might be able to create and execute an effective marketing plan. You might even use the same strategy repeatedly to attract more customers and leads. However, the same marketing plan will not always yield effective results. With time you will notice stagnation or decrease in sales and leads.

Yet, marketing agencies can deliver effective campaigns continuously. They keep adjusting the tools and methods they use in marketing. They use cutting-edge tools to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. The skilled experts at marketing agencies also keep up with training to stay current with the changing tools and trends in their trade.

13) Consistency

There can be a lack of consistency with how marketing strategies are created, executed, and analyzed in in-house settings. Focus and priorities can shift with staffing changes or the reshuffling of responsibilities.

However, marketing agencies tend to remain focused on the needs of their clients. Staffing changes at marketing agencies do not alter the overall marketing strategies and campaigns. There is consistency, continuity, and relevancy in the services of marketing agencies.

14) Convenience

The convenience of using the cost-effective services of a marketing agency is immeasurable. The hassle, stress, and doubts that affect the mind when designing and implementing your marketing plan are not worth it. In-house marketing teams can also take up valuable time in creating ineffective campaigns.

Understaffing or a lack of resources could hamper their ability to be productive. A marketing agency can relieve you of the stress, hassle, and inconvenience of planning, implementing, training, and analyzing marketing strategies by taking care of all aspects of marketing for your business. Save you time, stress, and energy for tasks that you cannot outsource.


A marketing agency can handle all aspects of your marketing needs. It can customize or provide complementary services in conjunction with your in-house marketing department. Niche-specific marketing agencies can be even more attuned to your marketing needs. The top benefits of hiring a marketing agency is that it can provide you with cost-effective and cutting-edge services with timeliness.

If you’re looking for an all in one solution for your content marketing needs, then reach out to us at anytime and we’ll take good care of you.