VPN 360 Reviews (Unlimited Proxy App)

VPN 360 is an Unlimited VPN Proxy that is on the Google Play Store with over 5 Million Downloads.

It is unique in the sense that it is not a typical provider where you go to their website and buy a package as you would do for a web hosting company, for example.

This is an app to download, so it does not appear that there is an obvious main official website to refer to.

This can cause a bit of confusion as there are lots of apps with a name on the variation of VPN 360.

VPN 360 Features

The main features listed on the VPN 360 Google Play App Store Page are:

  • One tap to privacy
  • 125 global locations
  • Stay safe and private
  • Different modes for browsing, gaming, streaming etc.

So these are the standard type of features that someone would expect for this type of service for use with accessing tools such as imginn or other gaming or streaming sites.

VPN 360 Reviews

There are lots of ratings and VPN 360 reviews on the app store page.

There is an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and 38.7K reviews have been left.

There is a combination of positive and negative reviews for VPN 360 on the app page.

One Google User reports their positive experience:

Well done VPN. Connects crazy fast and works well. Only downside is that it consumes quite a bit of battery, but if you’re using wifi you are probably in a place where you can charge your phone anyway. I think it’s the best VPN, highly recommended.

Another user did a good VPN 360 review, but highlighted that they would like less ads on the service:

amazing VPN, i promise it works. Yet, can we please just town it down w/ the ads? Its getting frustrating at this point. I’d be in the middle of doing an assignment and every 5 minutes theres an ad. it just sucks the motivation out of me, tbh. In all honesty, this VPN is very good, just the ads.

There is, however, a negative review listed near the top of the ratings that you scroll through:

This is by far the worst VPN I’ve ever used. Constantly disconnects, very slow. And get ready to watch an add any time you get a message on snapchat or messenger. And any time you click an app guess what, another add. And also you cannot turn the damn thing off!!!! You have to force stop it every time when you want to stop using it. I’d rate this app 0 stars.

There are quite a few other consecutive negative VPN360 reviews after this.

But one good sign is that the Support Team at VPN360 do make an effort to reply to these comments and encourage the user to reach out to them to see if they can resolve the issue they are experiencing.

Readers can see these reviews and more on the official app store page: here

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